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First Aid Training - Shadow Empire
First Aid Training Available
The white hybrid cast her sightless gaze over the cats gathered below in the temporary camp a calm smile on her face. "After discussing with Tacitus and Rafeal, Quintin and I have decided to open up First Aid training to any Gladiators, Apprentices and cubs that are over 10 months of age, that are interested in learning a few extra skills" She smiled warmly. 
"This training will by no means make you a healer, but it will give you skills which could be invaluable if issues were to arise" The female nodded to the lynx hybrid beside her, giving him an encouraging smile. 
"We have decided that older cubs, of an appropriate age to be apprentices but have not yet been promoted, will be able to participate in light of recent events as you may still find use of such skills" The white hybrid shot a worried glance at her cub Jay. "We, however, do ask that until your pr
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High up in the Trees - Altan x Kazuro
As the sun slowly revealed itself from the clouded sky above; two blue eyes surveyed the remains of the camp. Shallow rooted trees stood at precarious angles, whilst residual water still sat amongst the dens. Mud laced the higher ground. It would be a while until the camp is suitable for living in again.
Kazuro couldn’t stop the gnawing feeling of guilt that riddled his mind as he stared from the branches of a firm pine. I should have been there to help them. However no amount of regret would change the past: that he had been off collecting flowers instead of helping his fellow Empire cats. The cougar sighed at the notion. At least no one had noticed he was even missing… as normal.
Deciding that he ought to try and make up for his wandering, Kaze slowly turn and started maneuvering back toward what was known as the temporary camp. Maybe the healers could use some help, or some of the routes could be cleared? The thought of leaving the the trees for t
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A Clash of Culture - Iris x Holo
Holo paced in her cage. The dim lights had caused her to start seeing things. The chains she'd been given clanked loudly against each other. She pulled her head back and felt the harsh tug of the chain collar that only got tighter as she pulled it. Her paws were chained together since she had escaped, briefly. And it made it hard to move. Finally she was tired of pacing the floor and she plopped down. Her restlessness made the other captive felines uneasy, but the caraboynx hardly noticed.
With a huff a pale cheetah entered the dim room. It seemed as if she had gained enough experience with guarding these stupid ferals that she had been given this room to guard without a superior today. Yes there was a full hunter patrolling the upstairs corridor with the larger and older inhabitants, but for all intensive purposes she was alone. Besides the ferals that was. She should have been glad for the trust but it just left her with a slightly uneasy and grumpy feeling. The only thing that made
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When we are left with only memories - Sara x Quin
“I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
An echo from another time, another place” Michael Faudet
Snow. Lots and lots of snow.
An endless sea of a thick white blanket that seemed to engulf everything it landed on and smother it. Whilst how delicate and beautiful the snowflakes were when they danced down from the heavens, the seeming endless days of staring at nothing but white and the odd exposed brown of a tree trunk was enough to drag down even the most cheerful of occupants.
If it wasn’t the snow then it was its partner ice that swiftly turned the fluffy fun into a deadly underpaw hazard and of late had reduced the number of felines participating in activities within the now established camp setting.
Thankfully, even though the Healers had braced themselves to expect a difficult time through the colder months with a reduced herb supply, the den they had constructed had seen little activity since the arrival of Shadow Empire’s newest
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Mid-Morning Fun
Sara flicked her tail... she could hear birdsong.. it seemed like morning had fully broken now and judging by the amount of voices in camp it had a while ago.. she had slept in on purpose today, she'd had the late shift that night and was taking the rest of the day off.
Her plan was to spend it with the cubs Ambriel and Anane.. Her cubs. Or at least her responsibility. She opened her eyes and uncurled her tail from around her before springing gracefully down from Seidon's tree. It was too hot to sleep in the den these days..
She looked around, ears swiveling to locate her quarry. We're the cubs already up? And where was Sei?
Where was Sei? At the moment, the grey lion was lying in a warm patch of sunlight not too far away from his den, rolling something between his paws. It was a small disk with four feathers attached to it—an old toy from his younger days. The disk smelled strongly of mint, as it was always kept wrapped in a bundle of mint leaves; that had been Sara's idea, so t
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A Step into the Dark: Iris x Emerald
Iris padded into dingy building, her nose wrinkling as the putrid smell of cat feaces and blood hit her.. Why oh why did she have to 'guard' the cats down here.. She cast her eyes around looking for the hunter she was supposed to be working with tonight. She didn’t know the name of the cat but it should be pretty obvious who it was. The only cat in the place that wasn't behind bar.
"You're early." Emerald came walking out from between some of the cages. The cats inside of them mostly just hissed or turned their backs to the huntress. A few watched from their cages in quiet. To none of the barred cats did the largish female even give the slightest of attention, not even an ear flick in acknowledgement.
It was to the similarly sized cheetah that entered that she directed her words. She stood proud in the doorway and didn't look happy to be there. Emerald looked her up and down with her own proud dimenor. With her head high, ears back, and eyes hooded, the Lynx mix padded c
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A Walk Along the Walls - Iris x Royer
Iris placed one foot in front of the other while gazing bored into the woods running parrell to the wall she walked upon.. Patrolling was so dull. Nothing interesting ever happened.. some of the elites ahead were chatting but didn't seem to be open to interaction. She lifted her head and looked to her closer companions. Maybe one of them would chat with her?
Royer hadn't really had any motivation for patrolling that day. Usually he would enjoy it, but somehow it was more boring then it usually was. He padded next to a cheetah he hadn't really seen before. Royer glanced over at her curious. "Hello" He greeted with a smile and his ears perked.
It was as if Osiris had heard his plea for company and sent a sign. The cheetah perked her own ears and smiled warmly at the snow leopard that padded next to her. "Hi" she smiled, she didn't recognise him. Best to introduce herself. Hopefully it wasn't just that she'd forgotten him! "I don't believe I've had the pleasure?"
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Lessons (Phoebe x Ambriel)
Phoebe nodded stroking her chin as if to appear that she was legitimately thinking. "I think we should start playing on your strengths! My mentor always said a strong paw protects the weak toe! Think its like a... Metaphor... Or somethin'" She thought it over harder. "If I know you and your ma, you got a lot of power in your shoulders and neck yeah? Seen her take out prey with one chomp! That'd be useful"
Ambriel nodded. A strong paw protects a weak toe. She supposed that made sense. Being well rounded was important, of course, but if a cat had a particular skill or ability, then mastering that skill was perhaps even more valuable than being decent at everything. And yes, power was certainly her ability. “Yeah, I tend to use my weight and strength the most.” Ambriel said, proud to be compared to her mother.
Phoebe had to stop herself briefly thinking of the jaguar. Would she approve of this? A part of he
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First Aid Training Available

The white hybrid cast her sightless gaze over the cats gathered below in the temporary camp a calm smile on her face. "After discussing with Tacitus and Rafeal, Quintin and I have decided to open up First Aid training to any Gladiators, Apprentices and cubs that are over 10 months of age, that are interested in learning a few extra skills" She smiled warmly. 

"This training will by no means make you a healer, but it will give you skills which could be invaluable if issues were to arise" The female nodded to the lynx hybrid beside her, giving him an encouraging smile. 
"We have decided that older cubs, of an appropriate age to be apprentices but have not yet been promoted, will be able to participate in light of recent events as you may still find use of such skills" The white hybrid shot a worried glance at her cub Jay. "We, however, do ask that until your promotion, where possible you will still defer to a trained gladiator or apprentice "

Eagerly standing beside his colleague, close friend and mentor, Quintin shuffled brimming with enthusiasm ready to explain details of what together they had prepared to share with the gathering of felines before them. Sara had guided him to stick to the basic lecture plan but encouraged him to add a personal twist, so that it reflected his positive outlook and dedication to his position as an Empire Healer. 

Raising his paw, Quintin began to speak hoping to capture the interest and imagination that twinkled in the corner of each pair of eyes that gazed upon him.

"So picture this!... you are out on a long patrol checking the borders for signs of intruders, the weather is warm, you can see the dappled rays of sunlight creeping through the openings between the willows and elms. The birds are in full chorus singing high in the canopy above… BUT! Have any of you ever stopped during your walk to consider the hidden dangers that might be naturally underpaw or put there to catch you unawares? I bet most of you haven’t!"

"I put this out there to anyone….Do you know how to tell the difference between a cut and a scrape? A break and a sprain? Or even how to tell if the situation you may have suddenly found yourself or your Empire mate in, has escalated to something out of your control and into an emergency? What would one do if you came across someone who needed help and had to be made comfortable until a Healer arrived?"

"I can hear that some of you might not be comfortable with these kinds of situations or might not want to find yourself with this level of responsibility, but it does happen… likely when you least expect it..."

"Which is why will be covering all the above and supporting it with some paws on examples of how to use simple ‘items’ effectively that we collect from the forest or from raids, such as cleaning and dressing a scrape with a moss sponge, tying a tourniquet with a length of linen and a sturdy stick and using a length of ivy and portion of tree bark to support a sprain."
"Timing is critical, a moment spent taking the effort to stop and address a wound could mean the prevention of a nasty infection and a clean wound allows us Healers a better chance to get a casualty back up on their feet faster."

Sara smiled warmly, before addressing the crowd again. "This training won't cover herbs or advanced techniques, but sometimes it's the simple things that save lives!", she paused letting out a small chuckle, "If any of you are still interested in joining us for this training, please let Tacitus know so he can make patrol allowances ect ect." Rolling her eyes sarcastically in the Leaders direction with a fond smile. "If lots of you are interested we'll happily run extra sessions so everyone who wants to can attend!" 

ALL Gladiators, Apprentices and Cubs over 10 months* welcome to sign up!

*Cubs that undertake the training are adviced not to practice the skills they have acquired until their promotion to apprentice.

All we require of you for your character to complete this training is to either have one fully coloured image or an 800-word story of your cat undertaking this training.
This could be something as simple as wrapping a bandage on another trainees paw, putting a cat into the recovery position or even just listening intently to the lecture! 
The Teachers:

Comment to add your cat to the list, then link your completed submission the Healers seal of approval!

Cats signed up:

:bulletpurple: indicates completed training 

Name  - Rank - Owner

 Clarity - Apprentice - KinuKito :bulletpurple:
Tying Up the Drama by KinuKito
Benedictus - Apprentice - Rowan-Feather :bulletpurple:
Stupid bandage won't... UHG  [MINI EVENT] by Rowan-Feather

Rafeal - Silver SwordFangs
Kazuro - Gladiator - UnityUniverse 
Saturn - Gladiator - Shasta-Pasta
Aruum - Gladiator - StarCanid
 Asrai - Apprentice - Zephyreu-s
Nadav - Gladiator - Grace-Winters 
Mulligan - Gladiator - Horned-Hoodies 
Zoë - Gladiator - Breezy-likes-to-RP
Tacitus - Leader - Sparaze 
Altan - Apprentice - FeatherBrain4 
Aelius - Gladiator - Grey-Skiies 
Aqulia - Gladiator - deadwing1
Liven - Cub - deadwing1
Neil - Cub - Nythero

As this is not an Empire wide event, a submission will not receive the event 5EP bonus. Calculate EP as normal. 
First Aid Training - Shadow Empire
A little idea me and pioneer-ryoohki put together! Can't wait to see what you guys do!!!!

As the sun slowly revealed itself from the clouded sky above; two blue eyes surveyed the remains of the camp. Shallow rooted trees stood at precarious angles, whilst residual water still sat amongst the dens. Mud laced the higher ground. It would be a while until the camp is suitable for living in again.
Kazuro couldn’t stop the gnawing feeling of guilt that riddled his mind as he stared from the branches of a firm pine. I should have been there to help them. However no amount of regret would change the past: that he had been off collecting flowers instead of helping his fellow Empire cats. The cougar sighed at the notion. At least no one had noticed he was even missing… as normal.
Deciding that he ought to try and make up for his wandering, Kaze slowly turn and started maneuvering back toward what was known as the temporary camp. Maybe the healers could use some help, or some of the routes could be cleared? The thought of leaving the the trees for the damp earth didn’t appeal; however there were more important cats like the cubs and injured who needed to be dry over him

Altan didn't like this NEW camp much. It was wet and cold.. She missed the nice warmth of their nursery under the leaders hill. She hopped over another puddle, foot narrowly missing the edge! At least Dad had made them a mostly nice nest under one of the bigger bushes in this so called camp, they had managed to dry off during the night but now she had to try and have fun while avoiding the muddy puddles that were everywhere. Maybe Mum would be home from the patrol to see how the old camp was doing soon. Then maybe they could go back? The golden cub sighed before spotting her brother about to fling some mud at her! Eck! She almost slide while trying to avoid it, hopping off and running or cover behind some of the bushes nearby.

The tom silently sat in the trees for a moment, observing the works of the current camp. Patrols appeared to have been already sent out, judging by the decrease in numbers. Too late to go hunt or mark borders then. This only left typical apprentice duties, which were also made harder by an absent mentor.
The sound of cubs squealing broke through his musing; snatching his attention to a few specific felines. It had originated from a mischievous game between the healer’s offspring, so no cat was in immediate harm. Phew. However their playing did bring an idea to mind. Cub sitting is an apprentice duty, right?
At that Kazuro watched the event unfold from up high: the female dodge her brother’s mud flings, skidding and jumping around before disappearing into a nearby bush. Better go make sure she’s ok. He slipped down quickly onto the lower branches to get a closer look at her makeshift hiding place.

As she caught her breath, checking to make sure none of the sloppy mess had got her... The experiences of the day before had left her feeling quite uneasy with the yucky stuff.. it had caused her fall into the icy water on the way her. But something caught her attention before she relived the memory, she noticed a shadow pass behind the changing leaves! What foul beast now stalked her!? She puffed up her chest before crouching down onto her haunches, checking her pose just as daddy had taught her... her tail twitching with anticipation...
She uncoiled her legs and gave a MIGHTY leap aimed right at the menacing shadow. "I GOT YA" She cried well before it had become clear if she had indeed caught her quarry.

Whilst the cougar leant forward to try and see through the leaves; a loud declaration made his heart jump. He quickly reared up out of reach, swinging his tail down to maintain his balance on two paws.
His would-be attacker was unsurprisingly the very female he was checking up on. Should have seen that coming. To her credit, she had managed to clip the branch, however wasn’t close enough to reach his now standing state. He was safe from a kitten fight for another day.
Wait, were cubs taught how to successfully secure themselves to a tree? A quiet   “Oh dear!” slipped out as the tom swiftly hooked his hind legs around the branch. That enabled him to hang down and attempt to pluck the cub up, now inline with her supposed descent

One day she would heed her parents warnings... One day. But today was not this day. She should have been wary of diving out of bushes in surroundings one was not fully aware of. But alas.
Her outstretched paws clipped the branch the cat was on but the cub shrieked as she released that not only had she missed the cat but there was no floor below her stubby paws! Her quarry had in fact been sat on a branch that was almost inline with her bush... Because there was a minor cliff. Now usually such a thing wouldn't be a problem... but then usually one does not throw themselves off said cliff at branches they don't have the height to reach.... But just before she could let out her loadest squeal for help she could manage swift paws caught her safely under her armpits... She looked up at her would be victim sheepishly...

“Phew.” Was the first thing that came out of the relieved apprentice's mouth upon successfully catching the cub. That would have been an awkward story to tell if he had missed and she had… well, Kaze was glad he caught her. However, now he was hanging upside down off a tree. The tom couldn’t just drop down with them in his paws, and he didn’t trust his aim to swing her back to the bush. She would just have to come up here with me then.
Carefully curling back up, Kazuro first deposited the female up top with a few brief words. “Don’t move, you could easily fall.” And then he heaved himself up with his front paws, grateful that lower branches were wider and stronger. He took a moment to let the adrenaline blow out from his ears. That’s enough heart attacks for a lifetime.
Kazuro soon turned his focus to the cub, concern audible in his tone as he spoke. “Hey, you ok over there?

For the first time in her currently rather short life Altan tried her best not to wiggle, for fear she would dislodge both herself and the tom that was holding her safely from danger. She had somehow expected him to get her magically back to the ground and not for him to lift her up onto a branch. When he popped her down on the branch she nodded while trying to move as little as possible... Which for her was like asking for the sun but somehow she managed to stay put. She stared at the dark cat with eyes full of admiration! Dad liked climbing trees and uncle Philly was really good at it but this guy seemed a master! She grinned happily when he asked her how she was "Im greeeat! Its so cool up here! Do you always hang around in tree? Why do you like it? How did you get so good?!" The questions bubbled out of her like an unending torrent! This guy was so cooooll!!

Whilst the quiet tom was briefly overwhelmed by the sudden outpour of words from the small cat; he couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. Being in the trees, it was a world of its own that he loved to explore. Kazuro knew quite a few others loved to climb around as well: Shadow Empire tended to produce that kind of cat. Perhaps when she is older, she would be like it too?
Taking a moment to mentally run through the barrage at questions; the tom carefully used his paws to guide the her towards the trunk. It would be safer for her to try moving around near there.
“I guess, yeah, I do mostly hang around in the trees. You can see so much up here; and there is so much to explore as well. And unless I’m on border patrol, I usually travel by trees, so that’s given me a fair bit of practise.”  He briefly paused to step over to the next branch down; glancing back towards the cub.   “When you have a mentor they might teach you how.” I wonder where mine is right now
Kaze considered lifting the cub down, however she was really close… “As this is a small gap, why don’t you try jumping down towards me? I’ll catch you if you miss.”

The bright pelted little cat just stared in awe as the apprentice spoke of his tree life! Was it really possible to always travel in the trees? She tried to imagine running along the branches but it didn't seem to quite work.. One thing for sure though was that as soon as she was big enough to climb one on her own she'd spend as much time as it needed to achieve it! She followed his directions as he shooed her towards the trunk, careful to place her paws in the center of the branch.. "Do the birds get annoyed at you being up here? And do you catch many squirrels?" The random questions seemed to leave her mouth before she even realised she'd thought them. "If you teach me does that make you my mentor?" She didn't quite understand what's a mentor was really but it sounded cool!
Hop to the next branch! She tried not to wiggle with excitement too much as she remembered his words earlier... She didn't need to be told twice to jump though. Doing her best to aim for the middle of the lower branch. She leapt forward but her back legs didn't achieve the power she wanted and she landed with only her front legs on the branch, "Eek!" Her back legs dangling while she used her front claws to try and stop herself sliding backwards.

Kazuro began mentally preparing himself for their jump; her further onslaught of questions pushed to the back of his mind. The first few jumps were always the hardest, he knew from experience, and so he wanted to be ready. Her target was below her, so she should be able to reach it. However, he would be ready. Just in case.
Upon her unannounced leap, Kazuro quickly moved in mild panic - just incase she fell again. However, two sets of tiny paws revealed the cubs safe landing; even if she needed some help getting up. He carefully scooped her back up with his paws before sharing a gentle smile. “First try and you were able to reach it! Perhaps with all that jumping and playing you do in camp; your muscles will grow strong so when you're an apprentice you will be able to get your hind legs onto.” Kaze briefly considered letting her have another go, however all of the branches below were too large of a drop. We can take a break until she is up for me carrying her the rest of the way down.
The tom stretched out before lounging; taking in a deep breathe of fresh air. Now that he thought about it, would this cub actually rest up here? Her jump and a constant stream of questions implied otherwise. Maybe if he answered some of her questions she would at least stay on this branch. “Right, so judging by the fact that all the jumps from now are larger than that; I’m going to have to carry you down. Obviously, I can’t do that whilst talking so do you have any questions whilst we are here?”

When he had scooped her fully up onto the branch bounced on the spot Carefully..  with the biggest grin possible on her small face "I did it I did it!!!" She relished his praise and nodded excitedly as he talked about how, maybe one day she might be able to be as good as him in the trees! She would keep hopping around camp and work her muscles.... They were in her legs right?
As he started to lounge on the branch she contemplated hopping on top of him for a play but he seemed to realise this as he promptly suggested they move back to the ground...  She pouted and gave him her best pleading eyes. But as he mentioned jumping down while carrying her she quickly grew excited again! Of course she had more questions! "How quickly can you do it? Will it be bouncy? Can I play with your scarf?"  Okay the last one wasn't releavent but hey he did ask if she had any questions....

Even though he only had to focus on her questions, the cougar still found himself overwhelmed by her excitement. That slip up definitely didn’t seem to put her off. Hopefully, that wouldn’t mean she would try this by herself. The thought of that going wrong made his fur crawl.
Resigning himself to talking for a bit, the cougar cleared his throat. “Well, uhh, I’v never measured myself speedwise, however I can outpace some cats, even when they are on the ground… And it depends on the branch. You have to learn to be able to tell if a thinner branch will be just, well, “bouncy” or whether it will break under your weight.” He shuddered at that thought. Perhaps they should move down quicker.
Kaze turned back to the feline and narrowed his eyes jokingly at her last question. “I mean, sure?” What a strange question.
“Any more important questions like that, that can’t wait till we are on the ground?”

Altan listened attentively once more. He was so nice, he didn't dismiss her questions and seemed to be trying his best to think of answers. This cat was so amazing! She stared in awe.  The bit about bouncy branches seemed like fun though! And she could play with his scarf! Score! She paused to think at his question......... Hmmmmm...... "Nope" She chirped with a big grin!

“Ok then, I’m going to get us down to the ground then.” Kazuro glanced around, locating the safest route down before giving the cub a soft smile.  “Like I said: I’m going to have to carry you down so don’t wiggle around much…” Then a thought suddenly came to mind. If he carried he in his mouth she might end up hitting the branches as they went down. However, the alternative didn’t appeal to the cougar. He was the one who got her stuck up here though…
Crouching down so he laid flat on the branch, Kaze turned back to his companion. “Right, climb on my back and please, hold on tight.”

The little hybrid tilted her head as the older cat seemed to think over things for a moment. What was wrong? Why the sudden change in method? Oh well, this way sounded much better! "Okay!"   She chirped as she lowered herself to the branch and started to crawl towards him, claws out for grip, dad would surely be proud of this stalk! As she reached him she tentatively placed a paw in him, careful the movement of his skin didn't make her slide straight off. With a small hop and a scamper, she was laying on his front shoulder's with her front legs wrapped in around his scarf and neck, claws carefully sheathed as mummy always insisted. "Reeadddyy! This is gonna be great!"

Ouff, this is going to be an interesting climb down. Kazuro shifted uncomfortably under the change in his center of balance. He was used to changes in mobility due to him climbing with different weights in his scarf. However, a cub was definitely the heaviest out of them all. Hopefully the branches can hold our descent with the momentum from it all.
When he was satisfied that the cub had securely wrapped their paws around his neck, Kaze gingerly dropped down onto the branch below. His ears were craned for any disconcerting sounds... however, the only response was the soothing sounds of leaves dancing in the cool breeze. Perhaps he was just being paranoid. Afterall, how much did a cub realistically weigh relative to a full-grown cougar. If they had held up against his leaps up, they could survive a few shakes back down...
Now more confident, the cougar glance back at the cub briefly, smiling happily, before continuing down. Yeah, this isn't that bad! His pace slowly increased as they slowly made their way  downwards aside the cliffside

Altan giggled as the body beneath her shifted, before popping down onto the next branch. She tried to stop her body from flopping onto him too much but she couldn't help letting out a gleeful laugh, when he looked back at her she gave him a big grin and nodded enthusiastically as Jay always moaned when she spoke next to his ears... This cat probably wouldn't like it either..
It seemed that he grew more relaxed as they went and it wasn't long before the ground was getting nice and close. As much as she had enjoyed her little explore in the trees she was looking forward to being able to jump around as she pleased.

Feeling the crisp air russel through his fur, the pair swiftly descended until the group was within a few tail lengths. The cougar halted briefly on the lower branch, tail swinging around to counter his extra load. His eye's eagerly sought out the clearest section of the ground below before giving a clean leap in that direction. He hadn't felt this relaxed since the flood, and the feeling of guilt lifted off his chest for a moment.
Upon contact with the ground, the cougar slide along the wet earth with the momentum from the jump. He gave a quick jump up onto a patch of grass, and then turn to let the cub get off. "Well, I don't know about you but I think heading up to camp to clean up sounds like a plan about now."

The chubby cub did her best to keep her voice down but IT WAS JUST SO FUNN. As they hopped down she could almost imagine they were flying, with each leap a small squee escaped her mouth but hopefully it didn't disturb the cougar much. The slide might even have been the best bit!
As he turned she hopped of his back, careful to untangle her paws fron his scarf! Her feet barely touched the grass though before she was hopping on that spot! "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUUUNN!!"  She spluttered breathlessly.  "Can we do it again!!"

Whilst her excitement was partially infectious, it wasn't enough to move the cougar to repeat history. Although, he didn't want to dampen the drive for climbing... but he could also get in trouble for dangling a cub off the side of a tree... "Hmm, I don't know... won't you have any family or friends who also like climbing? I'm sure they would want to take you up themselves," his whiskers twitched wirely with a friendly smile, "besides, you were playing with your sibling earlier, right? We better go up and check up on them, just in case they tried to come after you. Catching one tree-climbing cub is enough for one day."

"Uuuuuh" the cub pouted as he suggested not.  But she quickly perked up as he mentioned going to find Proteus.  "Yes! You can come play with us! I bet Tey wouold love to meet you!  Jay doesn't like new people very much but we can try!" She giggled cheerfully.. starting off in the direction of the temporary camp. "Oh! I forgot to ask! What's your name?" Mum was always going on about introducing herself and getting to know other cats... she was supposed to find out their names at the beginning!

"Oh, I'm Kazuro, but most felines just call me Kaze," he replied, a smile, partially in relief, emerging on his face. Noting her already moving away towards the camp, he swiftly picked up pace to catch up with the small cub. With all the noise she made on the way down, no doubt someone would question if she strolled into camp alone.  "And you're the healer's cub, right? What might your name be?"

"Kaze! I like it!" She gave the tom a big grin before hopping forward a few more steps "Yeahhh she really likes plants... It's weeeiiirrrdd" She stuck her tongue out with her eyes closed, "She even makes me eat them sometimes!"  She giggled and hopped another step before looking back again, head held high. "MY Name is Altan-Tsetseg, But you can call me Altan"   She giggled before hopping back to be alongside him. "Race ya!"
High up in the Trees - Altan x Kazuro
Omg this rp <3 Altan's hyper happyness is such a joy to rp and Kaz was so sweet with her <3 I luv it!!
Thank you so much for rping with me UnityUniverse! So much fun!

The day after the flood Altan get herself into a sticky situation after trying to catch a monster that just so happens to be Kaz. Luckily being a sensible cat, Kaz sorts it all out and get them both home safe!

3633 words = 7 + 5 = 12 EP to both Altan and Kazuro

Holo paced in her cage. The dim lights had caused her to start seeing things. The chains she'd been given clanked loudly against each other. She pulled her head back and felt the harsh tug of the chain collar that only got tighter as she pulled it. Her paws were chained together since she had escaped, briefly. And it made it hard to move. Finally she was tired of pacing the floor and she plopped down. Her restlessness made the other captive felines uneasy, but the caraboynx hardly noticed.

With a huff a pale cheetah entered the dim room. It seemed as if she had gained enough experience with guarding these stupid ferals that she had been given this room to guard without a superior today. Yes there was a full hunter patrolling the upstairs corridor with the larger and older inhabitants, but for all intensive purposes she was alone. Besides the ferals that was. She should have been glad for the trust but it just left her with a slightly uneasy and grumpy feeling. The only thing that made these shifts bearable was the company of another civilised being. She let out another sigh as she strode past the cages. Her eyes gazed over her charges for the day.. all pretty dull and lifeless except for one that seemed to be making the rest uncomfortable, their shackles clanging and offending her ears.
"Please try and keep it down.. It’s going to be a long enough shift as it is without having to listen to that clanking all day" She grumbled irritably

Holo paused for a moment and let out a low growl. "I'll stop if you tell me where Minny is." She hissed. She started pacing again, clanking the chains to whatever she could just to annoy the cheetah - no doubt a bratty hunter apprentice. They looked too young to be trusted to do anything on their own, and their perfectly groomed pelt indicated a pampered, royal wanna-be life. "And if you don’t like it, princess, its not my problem." The small hybrid growled, hitting the chains against the cage bars.

"Why do you think I would know or care about any of your names" She gave the stupid young cat a flat look. But her ears quickly flipped backwards as the cat started to make a racket.. Other captives started to shuffle about, excited and uncomfortable at the confrontation.
"Why would it even matter to you. It's not like you could do anything with the information" She was honestly confused. This young cat must be one of real wild ones.  She wasn't all that used to cats from the empires.  She had never been alone with them that was for sure... and besides her two failed raids on Stone and Ice she'd never been that close to one.

Holo hissed.  "You don’t even bother to learn the names of those you take from their homes to torture?" She spat. swinging the chains into the bars of her cage once again. "Pathetic." She growled. "Would it make you feel too guilty?" She yowled. "Guilty for taking mothers from their cubs? Guilty for making a pained soul fight for your pleasure?"  She yelled, louder this time. For a small cat, she had big lungs. She wanted to make sure the hunter heard her. The other captives were up, and anxious. Anticipating the worst, and hoping for the best. Holo stuck her muzzle through the bars and hissed.  "Guilty of tearing families apart and killing innocent felines who've known nothing but a life of fear because of you monsters." She said quieter.

This cat had a nerve. How dare they speak to her so! How was this torture. It was their job. What they existed for. A pig didn't ask why it was eaten. Why did these cats get to ask why the humans wanted what they wanted. No wonder the humans wanted nothing more than to watch them tear each other apart. The words of the more mature hunters echoed in her ears.  Don't let the provoke you. She tried to just stand there with a disapproving look on her face but she couldn't vale all of the disdain. She looked the mutt up and down. "Guily?"  She gave the young cat a confused look. "Why would I feel guilt for doing my job?" Her tail flicked annoyed. "I do my job because it's what my human wants. And if dragging your disobediant arses back to the city is what he wants done. Then so be it. Why should I feel guilt for breaking up 'families' as you call them, that were no doubt unauthorised by owner's?" She scoffed at the idea of producing a litter unwanted by her human. Imagine if she made a mutt like this one? Ugh no it wasn't worth thinking about the shame it would bring her family. No, these mongrels were in the wrong. If their blood weren't so muddied and there heads not full of blasphemy then maybe the humans wouldn't sentence them to such unpleasant lives. At least here their lives were given meaning. "You should be glad they think you are worthy of feeding. I'm sure you mottled pelt would fetch a pretty high price"

Holo grinned. She'd got the hunter riled up now. "You're a pawn. The humans see all cats as disposable." Holo hissed. "You're just as disposable to them as I am. Whether you were 'authorized' or not, they don’t care. You can tell because they throw their 'authorized' pets into the rings and don’t care if they come out alive." She growled. Holo was taken aback by the cheetah's next words. "Worthy of feeding? You think there are lives unworthy of feeding? Of care? Of love?"  She yelled, spitting at Iris. "Of course all you think about is price. And Worth. Because thats all your life is with the humans. A price for the humans." She growled. "I bet plenty of your fellow hunters are not human authorized." She spat the words, bringing the attention back to the more than odd thing the huntress said. "Unauthorized or not, a family is a family. But I'm sure you'd know nothing of it."  She huffed, shifting her paws to make more noise, because it clearly bothered the feline.

"Of course we are disposable? Look around you!" She gestured to the building and the cages. "Humans have power that no other creature can even dream of! They don't live like savages in the wilds living of the scraps that nature provides. They have created their own place in this world, massive buildings, seafaring vessels, weapons that can hurt from long distances!" She looked down at the young cat in front of her. "What are we but beings to be controlled, melded to their will. If they can manage it with stone then what makes you think we are above such things? Are you more stubborn than a rock?" She shook her head, at the naive cub, of course it was about worth.
"Think of it this way... and it might resonate better with your simple mind. The humans are all powerful. Either you become useful or you will be cast aside. Within a society of such pioneering invention and progress, savages and regressives such as yourself, need to either conform or be removed. You are a tumour on the march of progress"
It had turned into somewhat of a yelling match, her wise words were being wasted on a cat that could do nothing but yell and make noise at her. "Family helps each other. My family happens to include some of the most intelligent beings on the earth. And as I have proved my worth to them I trust that their wisdom is best. No doubt your blind love for you 'family' is why you are in a cage and not frollicking in fields of flowers or whatever it is you savaged do"

Holo rolled her eyes and padded away from the bars, sending more clanking echoing into the room. "How pathetic. You'd prefer to be a tool than your own being." She muttered. "For creatures that spit gibberish, you're quite fond of them, huh? Watch us empire 'scum' build our own armor, gather our own herbs and heal our own wounds and call us pawns for human enjoyment." She huffed. How stupid were hunters? She paused. "Yeah, you could call me stubborn as a rock, if that helps." She rolled her eyes, ears flicking.

Holo's eyes narrowed and she looked over her shoulder. "How dare you call us savages while you sit on the other side of those bars, watching cats kill each other for amusement because 'its the humans will" She hissed quietly. "With no concern for your ancestors, who undoubtedly didn't let any human control them." She turned and sat down to face Iris. she groomed her fur, tail flicking and ears drooped back. "Im sure your ancestors would be so proud" She said sarcastically, drawing a paw over her ear. "I know my family would be proud that I came here with the only concern in my mind being that I get Minny out safe. At least I still have something to really be proud of, something to look forward to after I skin you." She murmured, mostly to herself. She glanced at Iris, her eyes glowing dimly in the shadows, and scoffed.

Iris rolled her eyes in much the same way as the hybrid as she listened to her side of the rant. It was pathetic really. She had better things to do than rant at this mangy mutt. They were getting nowhere with this. But as she moved to walk away the word ancestors hit a nerve. Her heritage, her family was what made her. The generations of loyal cheetahs before her had served Egyptian royalty. She could name the statues of the cats that adorned the royal palace and the ancient pyramids. HOW DARE THIS MUTT ASSUME SHE WAS BRED FROM SAVAGES LIKE HER.
She seethed, her words coming out as a dangerous hiss.  "My family, my HERITAGE is that of loyal guards. WE have helped rule NATIONS".  Her hackles were fully raised, her tail whipping out behind her, her claws ready to make shred the mangy pile of worthlessness. The cats final murmurs of skinning her and of saving the other stupid cat "Minny" did nothing but stoke the flames. But before she moved closer to the cage an ounce of sensibility sparked. Walk away. Just walk away. This pathetic being wasn't worth her attention or anger. She would learn her lesson at the claws of other ferals. She was her job to guard not debate.
She turned on her heels, giving a death glare to any other captive that dared even glance at her from their squalid cages. She prowled back to the doorway, ignoring any last jabs from the fleabitten runt. She would do her job, and she'd do it well.

Holo snorted and grinned. How sad. Oh well, the Caraboynx wasn’t going to get anywhere with idiots like the 'royal' cheetah. Holo lay back down toward the back of her cage, eyes gleaming in the darkness at the pale colored cheetah. "Loyal guard. Guess you should get back to it, then."  She said, cool and calm unlike her earlier shouting and threatening growls. She kept her head up, refusing to give any sort of submissive posture. She made a silent vow to find Minny, and beat the hunters one ignorant feline at a time.

Her tail flicked and she watched the cheetah leave, sending ridiculous glares at the other captive felines.
A Clash of Culture - Iris x Holo
Awesome RP with Polarfleets between my hunter Iris and her captive stone cat Holo!
I really loved this RP, thank you so much Polar. It really helped me solidify Iris' thoughts and loyalties to the hunters :D <3

Iris while on guard in coliseums cages tells and insolent hybrid to shut it, only to end up in a yelling match about what is important in life. Both come out with their views strengthened and a disdain for the other!

2030 words = 9 EP to Iris and Holo
“I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
An echo from another time, another place” Michael Faudet

Snow. Lots and lots of snow.
An endless sea of a thick white blanket that seemed to engulf everything it landed on and smother it. Whilst how delicate and beautiful the snowflakes were when they danced down from the heavens, the seeming endless days of staring at nothing but white and the odd exposed brown of a tree trunk was enough to drag down even the most cheerful of occupants.
If it wasn’t the snow then it was its partner ice that swiftly turned the fluffy fun into a deadly underpaw hazard and of late had reduced the number of felines participating in activities within the now established camp setting.
Thankfully, even though the Healers had braced themselves to expect a difficult time through the colder months with a reduced herb supply, the den they had constructed had seen little activity since the arrival of Shadow Empire’s newest members albeit an odd scratch or sniff here and there. Which caused for little complaint.

Still early past the first rays of a bright dawn, golden furred Quintin had been awake for awhile. Instead of being up in the hollow of the fallen tree trunk that sheltered over the excavated den below, he had crashed out on the bed off moss usually left bare for the potential need for a patient. His amber eyes rested heavy and dull as his stare remained transfixed on the cerulean fabric that wrapped between his clenched forepaws. Maybe he’d overdone it? Maybe he’d spent too long out in the forest? Maybe it was licking that cold rock that was to blame?

Shivering and laying on his side, Quintin tried to justify a reason for his body’s lack of enthusiasm. He’d have to get up at some point, the chores wouldn’t work themselves but little did he feel the spirit of his usual get up and go mentality.
Feeling the soft yet dulling fabric beneath his paw pads, his heart yearned that familiar ache that seemed these days to be a part of him like how a shadow sticks to one's foot. An invisible thread, tied to a feeling that he couldn’t quite admit too or shake off.

He thought he’d found the answer that evening in the forest, the wind was cool and his heart full with hope for a new start for the spring forthcoming but after confessing truthful words to the stacked stones beneath his favourite tree his heart found loneliness and heartache instead of a resolution. He had needed her to be there that night, sitting watching him with her big bright green eyes and wearing a heartfelt smile. Maybe if his wishes ever came close to being granted he’d be feeling differently right now?
Naivety he blamed the most as it haunted him like a predator in the darkness, forever inside somewhere would he be that little orphaned cub who believed the world outside the nursery was full of adventure and excitement, and whom watched and waited everyday to catch a glimpse of the only girl who had caught and kept his attention.
He had been too young and inexperienced at the time he had been approached by Thalia’s adopted daughter, his dear friend when he was informed about her decision to leave the safety of the Empire to look for her relatives. Swapping his saddened words and wholehearted promises about always being friends, for hers in return and her most treasured blue scarf, these last moments Quintin should have cherished but instead they fuelled a deeper regret.

Feeling the soft moss tickle his whiskers, Quintin didn’t have the energy to flinch. Its embrace around his body outline was a mild relief against the Winter’s air but it wasn’t comparable to what being snuggled against another feline felt like. He missed the days he had spent in the nursery with Zemar and the Ocelynx Trio, they all had been such small cubs needing love and comfort and Anaba had been only happy to oblige in providing it. In a way the moss around him reminded him of his mentor Sara, he hadn’t expected her to offer him a comforting embrace after they had talked about her fears before Mulligan’s due date but although she wasn’t there in the healer den at that moment the warmth of their growing friendship was still curled around him in the retreating darkness.

It seemed as this time of year was one of clashing differences, a leopard hybrid mused as she padded into camp. The cold ice beneath her paws bit at her pads but the colour almost perfectly matched her flanks, it was this time of year that she loved hunting the most, she could stride around the territory with little thought for her visibility unlike most of the other cats for a few moons and it felt like bliss. And yet the shining blanket caused other issues, her eyes ached almost constantly with the bright glow that emitted from all around and the reflected sunlight had made her delicate skin tender in places where her fur wasn’t quite thick enough… mostly her scars along her stomach and her face. But even this tenderness wasn’t enough to banish the freedom the whiteness gifted her or the cosy warmth she enjoyed with her family during the nights, piled up together for warmth. Sure Proteus’ feet in her face was never ideal but the joy she felt with them pushed back those irritations.

She inhaled deeply as she paced into the camp proper, trying to catch scents other than the pawful of relatively plump rabbits in her jaws. She caught the faint scent and cries of her offspring faffing over something in the corner with their cousin Neil, to which all she could manage was a chuff. They were almost old enough and mature enough to be apprentices now… And boy wasn’t the camp ready for it… She was worried how Jay would cope with the pressure of training and new things but she would just have to hope that he could be given a suitable mentor… She shook her head of the worries and padded over to the kill pile, depositing all but two of the rodents before ‘looking’ around the camp once more. Where was Quintin? He was usually up by now? They had decided today would be a good day to make sure the makeshift dens were properly aired and checked for lice and mites. With so many cats crammed into the less than ideal dens in the cold weather and outbreak of parasites would not only cause a great deal of irritation but could cause cats to choose to sleep alone in the cold nights. They really didn’t need an outbreak of flu this year on top of everything…

She padded over to their little den with ears pricked. Had he gone to his tree again today? She had too wished to visit their guardian at her own ‘shrine’ but the frozen waters around the old camp were just too treacherous to risk a trip there. She’d have to either wait till the thaw or find somewhere else for prayers and thoughts. But no he seemed to be crashed out on the patients nest? Rather than his log? What was wrong? Her ears flicked back instinctively, her tailed curled with worry.

“Quin? Are you okay?”

It was the shape of the sudden shadow on the earthy back wall that captured the attention of the Lynx hybrid as he lay with his head on the edge of the gathered moss pile. The appearance of a pair of rounded ears and a smooth muzzle on slender forelegs had already caused his brain to amalgamate the small silhouette outline into a wishful, heart palpitating desperation.

“Evira?” Quintin uttered weakly, his voice broken and dry as he tried to lift his face off of the floor.
No sooner had his triangular ears perked up full of an initial hopeful interest, that the white spotted markings surrounded by velvet ebony crashed back down sullenly as the shadow elongated itself to match its much taller owner.

It wasn’t her, it was never likely going to be. Unless the scent trails to the new camp were strongly traceable, the probability of a possibility for a feline to walk into the new healer den when they hadn’t been present in the Empire for many moons and whom would only have been used to the old camp, that was still treacherously waterlogged was slimmer than impossible.

Dejected, he must have closed his eyelids because it was Sara’s concerned voice that caused him to reopen them again and to see her slender white pelted frame towering over him. He couldn’t remember watching her fully enter into the den where they both worked and healed together, nor recall how the two rabbits now came to be slumped in his eye line, but to see himself laid out in the reflection of her scarlet orbs he guessed she was already assessing him like the caring individual he knew she was.

“Oh, erm..morning…” Quintin began, weakly trying to lift his front half of his body ready to attempt to put weight on his paws to greet his mentor and friend.
“I don’t know, I just don’t feel like my usual...”
He partially finished, considering his choice of words a sudden understatement as one of his ankles gave way before he could complete his sentence and he found himself lying back once again in the moss pile on the opposite side to where he had moments ago been resting.

With warmth rushing and flushing to his face, his mind was too preoccupied to even consider his embarrassment in front of Sara or even what the tell tale signs of his symptoms were indicating.
Even laying still his body felt heavy like it belonged to somebody else, a species much larger than the small lynx hybrid he was and all the while he felt encumbered, the cerulean blue of the scarf fabric nestled amongst the tiny leafy tendrils tormented his eyes in a slow moving dance whilst a young voice rang clear in his ears:

‘No Evi, not your’s your favourite?... Are you sure? You’re really giving it… to me?’

The thoughts of a relaxed breakfast discussing the merits of using the lavender Scratch had brought back from a recent raid alongside their usual mix of lemon balm and spearmint and whether they should experiment to decide if it was better or not by using different mixtures on the different dens.
The shock of finding her colleague laid out looking decidedly under the weather was enough to cause Sara to drop her catch where she stood. She rushed to his side as he flopped to the side when trying to get up. “Quin? What’s wrong?” She quickly slipped into healer mode, eyeing him up. Symptoms: delirium, fatigue, body weakness.. She lifted her paw to his head laying it gently on his forehead. He felt quite warm to the touch… Fever. She shook her head… She had been worried when he had been out for most of the day yesterday… It was cold enough that even some of the snow leopards had been dropping the odd complaint. Though his coat was by no means short, it wouldn’t protect him from long periods… Especially if he hadn’t been moving, which she suspected if he’d gone to visit his tree… He’d seemed alright last night though..

She sighed to herself, his mumblings of Evira hurt… The young cat had been a good friend to her Quin… She’d left looking for Evander, Ayanna and Theseus… The pang she felt at the thought of Ayanna was the same she got everytime she looked at her adopted nieces and nephew… Joe looked so much like her mother. She missed her mentor, they’d had a rocky start but by her graduation they had warmed and hearing she and Evander were going to have cubs had excited her so much. She wanted to be close to her mentors cubs. What she hadn’t expected was Ayanna and Evander to go missing. She had been helping baby sit that day.. Chatting with Nebula who had been recovering from her loss. It had been lovely, spending time with the little babies while their mother got a well deserved break. Until that break seemed to go longer than it should have. The babies got hungry before long and Nebula lended her own milk that she had been waiting to dry up. Sara with a few others had volunteered to go on patrol to look for the missing parents but they had returned empty handed… Nebula and Drake took on the newborns and the empire tried to move on, as much as it hurt. Evira had disappeared not long after, along with Salvia her apprentice.. It wasn't known if they were ambushes or if Evira had gone looking for her family… It sounded like it was still greatly hurting poor Quin…

“Its okay Quin… It’ll be okay....” She murmured as she brushed his pelt gently… His eyes were still closed, but she couldn’t quite tell if he was conscious or if he was just thinking deeply… “I’m just going to grab something to help, I’m still here” She spoke softly as she rose and quickly raided their herb store. Quickly grabbing some Feverfew leaves and a common mallow flower. The Feverfew as its name suggested would help reduce the fever while the Common Mallow would ease any pains and promote calmness… Fresh would have been better but dried would work well enough. She quickly chewed them into a paste and placed it on a sycamore leaf from their pile of good large leaves for such purposes.

“Here eat this…” She nudged it in front of his head.  “If you eat it all up you might even get to eat this nice rabbit I caught you” She jested but she just wanted to make him smile.

Warm and maternal was the tone of the voice that banished the silence from descending over the still resting body of the young male. Through heavy eyelids Sara’s pale coat seemed to make her float gracefully like an ethereal mist suspended over a moonlit river or a willow the wisp that followed you through the trees out of the corner of your eye.
To the part of him that wanted to be well and not causing any bother, hearing Sara’s reassuring words should have been enough to provide him a brief relief but instead, as the warmth from his rising temperature continued to have him in it’s grasp the partial sight of her moving away to retrieve some medicinal herbs cause him to attempt to lurch out after her fleeting shadow.

“Please….” A forlorn mew of a plea of desperation escaped past his lips as he believed his paw was fully extended to reach out into nothingness to retrieve what was escaping him.
“Please don't let this be goodbye … I can’t…Please don’t go alone”

Her family. Just like the family that he himself had lost to the unknown of the forest. He couldn’t blame Evirafor thinking about wanting to know they were safe, once upon a time before the war against the city, before he himself became a gladiator then a healer apprentice, Quintin had considered doing the very same.
Thankfully the shadows had sent him a wake up call to show him the reality that could happen and they had allowed Arkita to return from the fight emotional crippled but alive. The aftermath from the war had changed his outlook but as much as he chose to dwell on the what if’s, he had been too inexperienced to have been any help to his father and mentor during this period of time and too young to have accompanied Evira across the Lightning border.

He had just grown up too late and likely been asleep that one early autumn night dreaming of patrolling the forest again with Seidon or climbing trees with Arkita in the Silvered Woods as his friend slipped away into the darkness. He would never know.

As Sara returned from the herb store and sat neatly preparing the plants in front of him, the smell of the crushed medicinal parts aroused Quintin’s sense of smell and he twitched his pink nose in the direction of the paste she had made. He hadn’t really eaten a great deal since the day before but even in his weakened state food didn’t seem appealing, even if it was rabbit. She knew him too well.
The shape of the leaf she had chosen though made the corners of his rounded mouth attempt to form a smile. Sycamore leaves had always been his favourite, from his first leaf that he had found as a tiny cub on his disastrous adventure away from his mother to the beautiful shapes of autumnal coloured leather that Eleka had made to ornament his armour. They were his choice, a personal symbol and reminder.

Widening his amber eyes, Quintin took far longer than he thought studying the details of Sara facial profile down to concentrating on the delicate grey markings on her brow “Thank you…Sara” he mumbled, finding a moments serenity in her caring presence.
“I’ll try...”

Pawing gingerly at the paste on the leaf, if he were in a better state of mind he would have been wondering how other individuals usually were feeling when they were presented with relief for their ailments on a leaf platter or contemplating the potential taste of the familiar herbs that Sara had brought back from the herb supply. But right then and there he would have been lucky to remember what the herbs were called let alone what they looked like.
Catching a final whiff of the scent of the Feverfew as he weakly brought the mix to touch his tongue it’s daisy like flower structure instantly came to mind. It closely resembled Chamomile and that smell reminded him of…

Hmmm… thankfully the memory of a woodland walk laughing in pleasant company and pretending to be a polite gentleman had distracted him long enough to swallow the slug of paste that left dry woody bits in the back of this throat. It certainly didn’t taste like rabbit but he trusted Sara though, wholeheartedly and he wasn’t in a fit enough state to argue with her anyway for refusing her kindness.

Worry creased the females forehead as she watched her collegue gulp down the mush of leaves and flowers. She kneaded the ground as she waited. Glad at least he was still of sound enough mind to listen to her… But she could still hear his soft words.. Asking for it not to be goodbye.. He wasn’t okay. Not in the slightest.

“There now that's down you we can wait for it to fix you all up” She moved to lie beside him, tail curled around him in comfort. “Do you want to eat your rabbit? Or do you want to wait a bit?” She nudged him gently, trying to keep him in the present. It was never good to have a patient wandering off on you, physically or mentally. “Either way… We need to talk about what’s bothering you…” She lent over and gave his head a gentle lick, both testing his temperature and giving him comfort at the same time. She wouldn’t usually be quite so affectionate with a patient.. But this was no usual patient.. No this was Quintin.. Her apprentice.. Her family.

She had never been the closest with her mentors. She and Ayanna had had a rocky start.. And though Thalia had opened up to her eventually, she had never been the warmest of cats. She didn’t want to be a cat others felt they couldn’t approach or talk to. How would she help them if she didn’t understand what was going on on the inside. A cat couldn’t heal their outside when they were still hurting on the inside.

“Please Quin, never be afraid to talk to me. About anything. I will always endeavour to help” She kept her body pressed to his. She didn’t want him to suffer from cold draughts while in such a delicate state.

Feeling her presence as Sara’s larger body shape carefully positioned itself next to him on the bed of lush moss, Quintin found himself gravitating to huddle in alongside her and nestle contentedly, as she wrapped him in the embrace of her soft tail.
Immediately feeling the benefit from being sheltered away from the chill of the winter’s air creeping in the entrance way, he exhaled heavily with a sigh.

It was still too soon for the properties of the herbs that he had ingested to provide him some form of medicinal relief but feeling the rough tongue of the maternal Leopard hybrid smoothing his forehead fur ruffle had already filled him with that warm comforting feeling that he had briefly experienced when Sara had pulled him close in an affectionate embrace not that long ago.

Doing his best to keep his amber eyes open, Quintin tried to maintain focus on Sara’s soothing tone rather than allow his weakened body to give in to the tendrils of possible unconsciousness. At first his dreams were a wonderful place to retreat to, they were somewhere when yesterday could be a today and tomorrow never had to become another day of harsh reality.
But now even in his dreams he couldn’t mask the truth anymore, ever since he had fallen to an emotional low of licking a rock his mind had represented as his missing friend, Quintin’s soft heart had been exposed.

Shaking his rounded muzzle, in a polite yet silent decline in response to eating the offered rabbit there was little chance of him enjoying it or keeping it down as hearing Sara encouraging him to talk suddenly churned the pit of bile at the bottom of his stomach.

Would talking help? Having confided in someone his fears about his lost mother had helped him grow with Arkita’s help and even though his father had originally been his mentor, he had also become the first link to Quintin having a real family. Just like being in the company of Sara, she too he felt closer to more than as just his teacher.
Glancing across to meet the blue of the scarf fabric on the ground again, he knew as much as he cared he didn’t want to feel alone in the darkness of grieving any longer.

“I… Miss Her” a quiet few opening words, barely audible left his mouth like a heavy exhale as Quintin’s head and gaze fell away into the depth of the moss pile.
“I miss... Evira..”

The syllables of her name felt like saying a forbidden word, a name that ran through his mind constantly but rarely did it make it off of his tongue in conversation since the day she disappeared.

“Sometimes... when I close my eyes I can picture her so vividly. It’s like her voice whispers to me on the gentle wind and her laughter echoes through the silvered trees…” Quintin began with a struggle as each word desperately wanted to catch in his throat as the raw emotion began to express itself into the form of speech
“I catch her scent in the herbs that we gather...and see her smile in the sunshine yellow of the chamomile flowers…”

“She’s everywhere…..except where my heart wishes she should be”

“….” Overwhelmed with the flood of sadness and choked by emotional relief, Quintin’s voice broke down into a couple of breaths of incoherent mumbling followed by an unsatisfied grumble.
All the days after his Gladiator graduation he had sworn himself to stay composed and positive, turning his grieving energy to better use but now it had been released like the torrent of river water that had washed away their old Empire home.

“I just can’t forget about her…” Quintin resumed after what felt like an eternity of silence but whilst his mind was clear long enough to focus he continued to talk. At the tips of his feet his paw digits twitched.
“I needed her to be there the other night, out there waiting for me beneath my favourite tree. I thought mid winter would be a perfect time to put the old year behind me and have hopes for the new one ahead. I knew exactly what I wanted to say if I had found her there and my prayers had finally been answered but…”

Choosing not to embarrass himself by revealing every little detail he ended by not mentioning that he had been swept away enough to want to lick the grey rocks at the trees root structure like it had been an imagined cheek.
Quintin lifted his head with dejected fallen ears and helplessly collapsed his face against Sara’s side.
“...She wasn’t.
I felt so fragile after I collapsed in the snow. One minute I was overwhelmed with happy feelings, the next startled and shocked at how crazy and obsessive I had become.”

Ah least the truth was out in the open now and whilst he didn’t believe Sara would be thinking the worst about him, the doubt in the back of his mind still made his heart feel heavy.
“I don’t think she’s ever going to find her way back to us now” Quintin finished, desperately hoping that Sara might provide him with another knowledgeable medicinal cure for his issue.

Her gentle licks and warmth seemed to improve his state somewhat.. He still didn’t want food but that was understandable. Duties could definitely wait today. She would spend as much time with Quin as possible. Not only did they need him at his best.. For the Empire's sake. But she needed him better. His general cheer and easy smile always helped her on days that were greyer than they should be. Those times she had to leave her cubs to go on long hikes through the territory for some rare plant or another it had always tugged at her heartstrings. But having Quin with her had always made it that much easier… Now it was her turn to lend an ear and some warmth.
The pale cats heart broke as she listened to her apprentices words… She could feel the remorse, the sadness behind his words. Of course he missed her… To have a close friend just go… She knew the pain too well. The amount of times during the delirium of her wounds from the hunter raid on the lightning and shadow patrol that she’d scented Tuko were uncountable. She’d wake to his soft words, or the moving of a similar sized shadow. The pain of realising it wasn’t her best friend had, at times, been worse than that of the wounds themselves.

“Shh it’s okay” The maternal side of her seemed to easily take over, as she placed a paw over his small body and tried to hug him as he stumbled on his words… Her heart hurting from the past memories and the pain in her friends voice. “I understand Quin.. I really do. And I know you have been struggling with this for a while now.. And I know no matter how hard you try you want to see her behind every tree, around every corner” She whispered.. “It’s going to be okay…” The words really didn’t gain much traction at a time like this. But it was almost a compulsion at this point. It was going to be okay. Because it had to be.

It was going to be ok….
Such simple words, but as her paw tucked around his body tightly the message she delivered was truthfully believable. As a small smile crept from the corner of his mouth, he knew Sara had that secret cure and already his heart felt lighter for it. How effective talking and listening were.

It really was, going to be ok because Sara was there beside him. Someone who he admired everyday, had found a wonderful mate, produced a wonderful family and still had a whole future ahead of her understood how he felt, and had made it through and made something wonderful of her life.
He could see that now…

“Thank you Sara…” He began as he stroked a weak paw along a short length of her brilliant white forepaw. “I hope so”

Exhaling a heavy breath once again, he felt the continued urge to talk again but somehow it felt different than before. As the words began to tumble out of his mouth the pain and anguish turned into softer sorrowful memories that were sparkled with days of happier times with others that he loved in the Empire.

“I guess I just have feelings for her. The Evira that I knew and hold close in my heart. The young lady from my memories. If maybe I knew back then what I do now, things might have been different. She’s gone now though forever…..No prayers or wishes can bring that childhood friend back to me. I hope somewhere out there, she has a new life and has the family that she lost back.
If by the chance our paths did cross again we have both aged and are both different individuals than the two who said goodbye that she might not have spent the time thinking about me as I have done missing her”

It felt bittersweet, but so much better for admitting and setting the truth free like a beautiful butterfly.

“I don’t think I’d get the chance now to tell her how I feel but I wish I could somehow let her know how special I think she is and always was to me”

“Even from when I was small she always caught my eye… Anaba must have lost count the number of times she called me back into the safety of the nursery but I had to be there everyday sitting in the entrance way waiting, just in case Thalia brought her above ground.
It’s actually how I also met Seidon and my father funny enough…”

Seidon and Arkita. The thought of two of his closest and oldest friends and family brought his smile to a grin as he rested his chin on Sara’s forepaw instead of where he own paw had been.

Sighing he finished his heartfelt reminiscing.
“I wish I could see her again one last time and hope that she would be proud that not only did I make becoming a Gladiator I chose to train and become a healer just like her…. and now like you Sara”
“Maybe the least I can do is honour her memory by caring for the Empire that we both love and I will endeavour to always lend a friendly ear or paw to anyone in need just like she did.”

Raising a weary eye to catch a glance at the blue fabric still nestled in the moss bed, Quintin finished on a dedicated purposeful statement
“May her blue scarf always remind me of her and this promise but I must learn to heal my heart for otherwise I will not be truly living. A wise someone once told me that you can’t heal someone’s outside when they are still hurting on the inside”

The white che-cat nodded as her apprentice continued to talk. It seemed her words had help, as flimsy as they were. He seemed to somewhat perk up, his words were stronger, his gaze less glazed over. Talking of how he had always wanted to spend time with her, it was such a shame she had left. The young cat would never know how lucky she was to have the admiration and love of such a kind hearted young male. But there would be others to feel his warmth and love, it seemed he was finally understanding that loving another shouldn’t stop him from enjoying the rest of his life. A lesson she herself had taken a long time to learn.

“You are a good cat Quintin. You always have been” She soothed as he spoke of always wanting to help her. “I know she would be proud of you. I definitely am. You were not only a very capable gladiator but you have driven yourself to become something more. A healer. You have worked tirelessly to be the best you can for you empire. You have brought new life to this family, literally” She chuckled as she remembered the blurry memories from the birthing of her own cubs and the more recent memories of Mulligan’s cubs. “I am beyond proud to call you my colleague. And I look forward to working with you for a VERY long time” This cat wasn’t going ANYWHERE so long as she was here.

She nodded as he spoke of having her scarf. It was good that he could voice that he could remember her but still move on. Hopefully soon he could look at it without the pains in his chest that she was so familiar with for missing another. She let out a content purr as he parroted her words back at her. Pulling him into another hug. “Now that we have cleaned those wounds and patched them up. How about you concentrate on fixing up the outside. You should know better than to go catching a cold” She rebuked him gently in a motherly way. “You better eat up this rabbit! I caught it specially for you, you know. Rest well today. But don’t think you’ve gotten out of delousing with me!” She joked softly, trying to bring a more relaxed smile to his face. He wouldn’t be leaving this nest until she was absolutely sure he was okay. Maybe she’d drag the rest of her family in here to sleep tonight to help keep him warm. No one should be alone and cold in this family.
When we are left with only memories - Sara x Quin
OMG this RP. I don't think i have ever done such long replies! pioneer-ryoohki You really do inspire me to ramble! XD I love you writing, always so beautiful!

After Quin spends too long outside pining after Evira, Sara finds him delirious with a fever in the healing den and sets about fixing his illness and broken heart. 

I seriously love these two, they are so sweet together and honestly Quin is probably one of her closest cats now.. A companion and a colleague. 

InTheDappledRain Evira is gone but not forgotten <3

5680 Words = 5 + 11 for words = 16 EP to Sara and Quintin



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